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Gain complete visibility and control of your Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solution with our award-winning WE Connect portal. 

Demo highlights include:

  • Vulnerability risk scores by application
  • Sanctioned versus unsanctioned applications
  • Compliance status for all applications
  • Ease of managing remote users by groups
  • Threat dashboard for users, networks and apps
  • Event identification and risk level

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Windstream Enterprise + leading SASE technology

We partnered with industry-leading SASE technology vendors to deliver the most sophisticated and resilient SASE/SD-WAN solutions available today.


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Integrated network and security. Managed your way.

Windstream Enterprise is the first North American managed service provider to converge cloud-native network and security into a fully integrated Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solution.


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Let's get SASE: Your quick guide to this security must-have

The shift to the cloud means legacy network security systems no longer make sense. Learn what SASE is and why it's essential for enhancing protection while minimizing IT complexity.



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