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July 2019

Are your customers protected from DDoS attacks?
Our DDoS Mitigation Service—available for new Windstream circuits up to 10G in CLEC areas—can help your customers minimize network downtime by detecting and mitigating attacks through our traffic scrubbing centers.
Broadband Access expansion on the horizon
Windstream Wholesale has big changes coming for our Broadband Access in the next few months. We’ll be expanding the current Broadband footprint by adding a Gigabit Passive Optical Network to our coverage areas and offer a CPE monthly lease option, in addition to the current BYOD offering.

Our Broadband Access provides flexible, cost-effective 10-100Mbps bandwidth for your end-users. Month-to-month terms, 30-days or less installation and simple provisioning using our Carrier Portal Tool (CPT), make this service especially attractive.
Network updates
  • Our new presence in the MDC El Paso Data Center provides yet another diverse option connection into Mexico.
  • Your network is everything—our interactive map lets you navigate ours at your command:
    • 150K+ miles of local and long-haul fiber transport
    • 100 Gbps reach to Tier 1, 2 and 3 cities
    • 1,400+ POPS
  • We can build custom routes to meet your unique goals and specifications. Network expansions and new routes are continuously in the works.
Making it easier to do business with us through Wholesale API
Through our continued commitment to provide you with superior service, you may have noticed updates to our Wholesale API. As a consumer of the API, Windstream Wholesale customers can achieve greater speed and simplicity by directly integrating quoting processes between our systems and yours.