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Bookmark the Wednesday with Windstream Enterprise webinar page
Our Wednesday with Windstream Enterprise webinar program is a bi-weekly webinar series designed exclusively for partners. We still have a few spots available for our next webinar on February 20, featuring “how to WIN in the finance industry”. Be sure to bookmark our webinar webpage for easy registration, to view the event calendar or access some of our previous webinar recordings on SD-WAN, the Avaya Cloud Migration and Fixed Wireless On-Net.

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EarthLink billing migration rescheduled for March 2019
In our continuous plan to transform and elevate our business to further improve the customer experience, Windstream Enterprise will be migrating former EarthLink customers to our billing system. This migration—originally planned for January 2019—is now scheduled to be completed on March 11, 2019. Partners will experience more streamlined billing and account support, while customers will experience a new and improved invoice format.

This conversion places most of our customers on the same billing platform, reinforcing our commitment to making it easier to do business with us. Note: Converted former EarthLink customer accounts will be assigned new billing account numbers. For reconciliation purposes, an account number reference file will be available upon request after the conversion is completed.

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Going to the Channel Partners Spring Conference?
It’s hard to believe there’s less than two months until the Spring Channel Partner show. The Windstream Enterprise sales leadership team and additional representatives will be on site and engaging with our favorite people—you, our partners!

If you would like to book at 30-minute meeting with your Windstream Enterprise team at one of our poolside cabanas, contact your Channel Manager or e-mail us with a preferred date and time. We’re accepting reservations on April 10 or 11, between 10:00 am and 5:30 pm PT.
We see partnership differently
Windstream Enterprise has created a channel program partners want to join. We’re committed to delivering continuous operational and program improvements to you, our partners, to demonstrate that we see partnership differently.