Mitel 6900 for OfficeSuite UC® White Label users
April News
We’re excited to share our newest feature: the ability to send and receive business text messages on the OfficeSuite UC® White Label Desktop and Mobile app. 
Mitel 6900 for OfficeSuite UC® White Label users
Mitel 6900 series phones are now available for new and existing OfficeSuite UC® White Label customers. All customers can now order the 6900 phone models, including the Mitel 6920, 6930, 6940 and the M695 expansion module.

As you may recall, these phones have more buttons, color LCD screens and USB ports on all models. Additionally, the top two models—Mitel 6930 and 6940—will have Bluetooth built in and an integrated DECT headset, giving users the ability to untether from their desks and leverage the added productivity that wireless communications deliver.

As a reminder, customers cannot mix different manufacturers’ phones at locations within their tenant. However, the Mitel 6900 phones can be included with other Mitel 5300 series phones in the same tenant.

For additional information regarding the new Mitel 6900 series phones, contact your Windstream Enterprise Resale account executive.
DDoS Mitigation Service for DIA POP circuits
Resale partners, who buy new DIA POP Internet circuits from Windstream Enterprise Resale, can now add our DDoS Mitigation Service to protect their end-users from sophisticated forms of cyber-crime.

DDoS Mitigation can protect your customers from the most advanced, robust cyber-attacks. The service automatically detects when your end-users have been compromised and quickly redirects their web traffic in near real time. The included partner portal allows you to view the details of the attacks and mitigation processes. Additionally, you can download reports to share with your customers.

To learn more about our DDoS Mitigation offering, contact your Windstream Enterprise Resale account executive. 

April 18: Decommission of legacy CCS portal
Because all the OfficeSuite UC® White Label Contact Center Services (CCS) accounts have been migrated to the new platform, Windstream Enterprise will be removing access to the old portal on April 18. If there were any recordings or reports stored on the legacy platform, please ensure they are downloaded prior to April 18.

To access this pre-migration information, you will need to log into the old portal using the same URL and login credentials.  

For questions or concerns regarding the decommissioning of the legacy CCS portal, contact your Windstream Enterprise Resale account executive.

New features in Hosted Services portal and apps
Coming in April, a chat notification pop-up will be available in the OfficeSuite UC® White Label Hosted Services portal, desktop and mobile apps, notifying you that a chat message is waiting. 

When a new chat arrives in the Hosted Services portal, the following pop-up notification will appear on your screen:

Click on the notification to view the sender. Select the red bubble (indicating a chat) to view the message details.

When using either the desktop or mobile apps, the following indicator below will display:

Click ‘Reply’ to engage in the chat conversation or select ‘Ignore’ and chat later. 

Contact your Windstream Enterprise Resale account executive to learn more.