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UCaaS/CCaaS Enhancements
Bring Your Own Network for UCaaS/CCaaS
Customers may now purchase all Windstream’s UCaaS and CCaaS offerings as OTT (over‑the‑top), bringing their own underlying SIP or MPLS to the table. This is a huge draw to customers that are interested in Windstream Enterprise’s software as a service options but prefer to keep their current network connections. Contact your Channel Manager to learn more.

OfficeSuite Encryption Call Recording at Rest

OfficeSuite Contact Center Services now offers Encryption Call Recording at Rest. This feature enhances security and compliance by instantly encrypting call recording with AES 256‑bit encryption so they are secure and tamper‑proof. This helps contact centers adhere to strict compliance standards and regulations when sensitive data such as credit card information, social security numbers or addresses are shared over the phone. Existing OfficeSuite Contact Center customers have received a notification of this upgrade that was provided at no additional cost!
Windstream Enterprise SD‑WAN leading the way
SD‑WAN Cloud Connect: An industry‑leading differentiator
Windstream Enterprise continues to lead the industry in SD‑WAN innovation with the launch of a new feature, SD‑WAN Cloud Connect. Windstream Enterprise is bringing to market a solution that will make it easier for enterprises to participate in today’s cloud‑based digital transformation. SD‑WAN Cloud Connect is based on the latest software enhancement from our technology partner VeloCloud, and we’re pleased to be one of the first providers to offer this capability.

SD‑WAN Cloud Connect eliminates the need for costly and complex direct connections to cloud service providers (CSPs). An organization can simply spin‑up a virtual Windstream Enterprise SD‑WAN edge device at their CSP and that becomes another location on their network. The virtual edge location is then linked directly to all other sites, and places those apps closer to their end users. Decreasing latency, the SD‑WAN connection provides the security and performance over broadband that an Internet‑only connection can’t deliver. Read the official press release to learn more.

Windstream Enterprise SD‑WAN achieves 1,000‑customer milestone

Windstream Enterprise has achieved yet another milestone with its SD‑WAN solution. Introduced just over a year ago, SD‑WAN has been purchased by more than 1,000 mid‑size and enterprise customers (double that announced in December 2017) representing tens of thousands of locations in banking, healthcare, retail, hospitality and other vertical markets.

Read the official press release to learn more.
CXaaS: Delivering on the promise of customer experience
Customers are seeking to engage with companies in new ways and the stakes are getting higher. Having a holistic view of the customer journey is a critical component to delivering an outstanding CX. Download our latest white paper, Delivering on the Promise of Customer Experience, to learn more about the key factors in delivering a positive customer experience and the impact it has in various industries.
We see partnership differently
Windstream Enterprise has created a channel program partners want to join. We’re committed to delivering continuous operational and program improvements to you, our partners, to demonstrate that we see partnership differently.